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Vacuum Reclaim Systems: Modular Vacuum Reclaim System By Schmidt® Efficiently and easily transport new and/or used abrasive to any hopper, blast tank or disposal unit . Schmidt® Modular Vacuum Reclaim System is a convenient and portable solution used to move small or large volumes of abrasive for either recycling or removal.

 vacuum abrasive recovery system pavalex
Vacuum abrasive recovery system can be used in combination with a scraper floor, when the abrasive is supplied from floor hopper to separation and accumulation due to air flow (vacuum) from industrial vacuum cleaner, as well as a standalone equipment for manual collection and cleaning of the abrasive (steel grit). Vacuum system for the ...

 blastone : tips : using a vacuum system to cleanup abrasive
A high efficiency vacuum system can collect abrasive quickly and easily from wherever it is in the tank. Cleaning up the tank after the blasting is complete to remove all the spent abrasive can be the most time consuming part. If you have to remove the abrasive out of a tank manually with a broom and shovel you will spend many hours and labor is costly.

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 catalfer | engineering refinish solutions since 1957
We invented and patented the ”Airflux” vacuum device, core technology for engineering the first portable, air-operated, low-air consumption vacuum sanding system. We invented and patented the “oneTecH” hook&loop abrasive disc, the first with opening flaps allowing dust vacuum while maintaining 100% abrasive surface.

 schmidt abrasive blasting equipment
Integrated Systems Modular Drum Vacuum Reclaim System A convenient and portable solution that can efficiently and easily transport new or used abrasive to any type of storage for recycling or removal.

 blastone : vacuum blasting equipment systems sandblasting ...
Vacuum blasting machines and systems, also referred to as dust-free blasting, minimizes disruption to the surroundings through dust and abrasive containment. The working speed is lower compared to open blasting and therefore this method is used predominantly for spot repairs, welding seams and in situ blasting.

The Waffle Floor is an abrasive media vacuum recovery system for blast rooms that can withstand high floor loadings without special floor foundations required. Compared with conventional mechanical systems, there is cost savings from less downtime and reduced maintenance costs, plus no additional dust separation system is required.

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