Genius Endothermic Panels

Genius 14 Vertical


  1. No. 14 panels, made up as follows:

    • High-stiffness aluminum frames with chamfered edges and protection guard for the locking system.
    • Heating element consisting of a white powder-painted aluminum sheet.
    • Rear panel made of zinc-plated sheet metal.
    • Between the two panels, there is an insulating layer made of high-density rock wool.
    • Total panel weight 14 kg

    The purpose of these panels is to heat the operator and the vehicle during the painting stage, while during the drying stage they only heat the vehicle.

    They will be positioned as follows:

    • No. 4 panels on the left side of the booth
    • No. 2 panels on the rear side of the booth
    • No. 4 panels on the right side of the booth
  2. N. 01 quadro di comando TOUCH SCREEN da 7” a colori

    The control panel allows to select the operation of panels as follows:

    1. Activation of rear panels
    2. Activation of rear + left side panels
    3. Activation of rear + right side panels
    4. Activation of rear + left + right side panels

    The control panel controls the following functions:

    1. Panel temperature during painting
    2. Panel temperature during drying
    3. Flash drying time
    4. Drying time
    5. Flashlight activation during drying



Dimensions of panel rear wall panels mm 2400 x 740 x 39
Overall electric power Kw. 46
Temperature during painting C. 60° (adjustable)
Temperature during drying C. 180° (adjustable)
Temperature adjustment N. 1 Pt100 temperature gauges
Power supply   400 V 3-phase + neutral + grounding


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